REACH Grant Application

Proposal for Funding including a Pre-Screening
One Annual Grant of $5,000
March 4, 2024 to December 31, 2024 

There is a pre-screening built into the grant application process. Please provide the information requested below which must be received by the Development and Grants Committee no later than 5pm on February 29, 2024. The Development and Grants Committee will respond to requests within 10 working days, notifying the applicant of one of the following decisions: 

  1. The preliminary information submitted has met the criteria for the application process to proceed.
  2. The preliminary information submitted does not meet the necessary criteria. See the noted feedback. Applicant is welcome to address this feedback and resubmit the Proposal Application by the date noted in the comments.
  3. The preliminary information submitted does not meet the criteria necessary to apply for grant funding through REACH (see response comments for explanation).
Are you a REACH Member?
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Have you applied for REACH funding before?
If yes: were you funded by the REACH before?
If you were funded previously:
Who will this project serve:
Will funds be sought elsewhere if amount requested for a project overall budget?
If yes, please describe

Contact with questions.

Decisions regarding funding and grant recipient(s) will be made and communicated no later than February 29, 2024.

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