Grant Funding

Of paramount focus for REACH is the support of trafficking victims, thrivers, and survivors, as well as their direct service providers. Often provider funding does not cover specific human trafficking services and/or new and innovative programming for it.

The REACH welcomes the opportunity to fund such initiatives. Donations we receive, as well as much of our additional funding as possible from our limited budget, is dedicated to these efforts.

REACH grants are $5,000 and for single-year use. Those applying need not be REACH members, but they do require a REACH member supporting their application to be considered.

REACH Grant Process

Grant Policy

Revised: 12/22

Northern Ohio Regional Efforts Aimed to Combat Human Trafficking (REACH) seeks to support the well-being of survivors of human trafficking in Lucas, Wood, Seneca, Sandusky, and Ottawa counties. REACH provides grants to support such individuals. Funding is made possible through the generous contributions of REACH members, supporters, and area organizations.


REACH only considers projects which support anti-trafficking programs, with emphasis on victim services. Organizations may only apply for a grant one time each calendar year. Funds may be approved for programming that reaches out to new or different clients or a new program. Projects that include the volunteer involvement of REACH members are encouraged.

Funding is excluded from:

  • Operational Expenses (examples include, but are not limited to, staffing, office space, office supplies not related to the project, postage, or similar)
  • Debt repayment
  • Fundraising purposes
  • Lines of credit
  • Endowment purposes

Projects that will have an impact in Lucas County or throughout the Northern Ohio region are preferred over those that will impact areas served by other anti-trafficking coalitions.

Applicants must be sponsored by a REACH member in good standing, as defined by the REACH Executive Committee.

If a member of the Development and Grants Committee has a vested interest in an applicant, they must disclose this connection to the Committee and be excused from the review of this application accordingly.

Applicants agree to cooperate, upon request, with a project update to the full body of the REACH, to determine compliance with stated purposes and goals. Such updates will be presented at a monthly REACH meeting as scheduled.

No member or committee shall commit the REACH to any expenditure of funds without prior approval of the Development and Grants Committee and REACH Co-Chairs.

Funding will be limited to $5,000 per grant, with one award per each funding cycle. Only Non-Profit organizations may apply. However, agencies are encouraged to apply on behalf of victims, with the understanding that they will be responsible for compliance and reporting.

The Development and Grants Committee observes the following funding periods: Application deadlines are October 1st and disbursement of funds by the following January 1st. Any changes to these dates will be made clear ahead of time. Applicants will be notified of the status of the application within four weeks of the application deadline. If awarded, award will be sent within two weeks of signed Grant Agreement.

Multiple year commitments are prohibited, and applicants may only apply for a grant one time each calendar year.

Grant applications are to be submitted electronically.

It is the obligation of the Development and Grants Committee to verify the use of funds, obtain photos and other documentation as required and to evaluate the effectiveness of each grant.

Upon award, the applicant is required to submit the following documentation: signed Grant Agreement (due prior to distribution of funds), attendance and brief report to the Coalition body (as scheduled by the Development and Grants Committee) and Final Program Report (due 12 months post award).


All applicants must furnish one electronic copy with supporting information via the online application. The Development and Grants Committee will distribute the application with attachments to the appropriate parties.

Application should include (a) Mission Statement or comparable statement of purpose, (b) evidence of 501(c)3 or comparable status under the IRS code, IRS letter, (c) a brief project budget and narrative (d) project and financial narratives outlining the intended use of funds.

Applicants whose projects are approved will be expected to sign a grant agreement to receive a disbursement. Upon signing the grant agreement, they agree to comply with reporting guidelines and to complete and return a report in six months and a final report at the end of the 12-month project period. Funding approved must be expensed within 12 months of receipt of funds. Funds approved are subject to the grant agreement guidelines and cannot be implemented until the REACH approves funding. The REACH will not approve concurrent grants to the same organization - those organizations receiving funding cannot apply for another grant until their 12-month award cycle has completed.

The Development and Grants Committee reviews each project and make their recommendations to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee again reviews each recommendation to determines the final allocations. Grants that are approved at the committee level but cannot be funded due to limitations on funds available at the REACH Executive Committee level may be held over to the next cycle to be reassessed against all the other grants approved by the committee in that cycle. No guarantee of funding will be committed by any committee or member. All funds distributed will be approved by the REACH Executive Committee.

For more information, view our Frequently Asked Questions.

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